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On 16 November 1971, the first applications for the enrolment at Pioneirspark Primary School were received at the home of the school secretary. Marieta Beukes was accepted as the very first learner. The official opening of the new school took place on 17 January 1972 with a total of 539 learners and a staff contingent of 20. At this point in time, the classrooms, administrative centre and store rooms were completed. However, additional applications necessitated the school to accommodate one of the Grade 1 class groups within the Senior Primary area! The school hall reached completion at the end of April 1972, and the tennis courts were ready for use on 18 August 1972.

Quite a number of extensions and additions followed over the next few years. The pre-primary complex, as well as a media centre was built. At the sport fields, a pavilion and change rooms were build and carports for teacher and visitors were erected. The staff and school community worked tirelessly over the years in order to establish gardens, play areas, and sport fields for the benefit of our children.

In 1995, pre-primary school education at government institutions was ceased. Consequently, our pre-primary facilities were converted to Grade 1 classrooms. In 1997 an English stream was started at our school. By 2003 one class group in each of our grades will be taught in English as first language.

The Parkies Supporters Society was established in 1998 by teachers and parents. Their main aim is to assist the school, especially in the area of fundraising. Their wonderful achievements and successes in this regards enabled the school to launch quite a number of projects which resulted in the improvement of standards at our school on many fronts. The much-needed maintenance of the grounds and facility is but one area in which the school benefits from their hard work.

School principals:

Mr. B Stafford (1971-1978)

Mr. JH van der Westhuizen (1979-1987)

Mr. JJ Esbach (1988-1990)

Mrs. HA Swart (1991-1995)

Mr. Z Grobler (1996-1997)

Mrs. C Senekal (1997-1998)

Mr. GC Barnard (1998-2000)

Mrs. R Brand (2001)

Mr. P Kruger (2002-2005)

Mr. R Brand (2006-2021)

In 1997 Pionierspark Primary School celebrated its 25th anniversary. As an educational institution, our school is still relatively young. However, its achievements over the past number of years are truly something to be thankful for. We are particularly proud of our wonderful parental community. They have always been more than equal to the task in assisting the school to fulfill its obligations towards the learners. We honour each and every teacher, administrator and worker who has over the past years, contributed towards the school and its mission.

It is our sincere wish for each and every one of our learners to take ownership of our school motto: FAITH AND ENDEAVOUR. By the grace of God and through hard work, we shall continue to build our school trough the years to come. To Him be the Glory!


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Telephone: 264 61 242 491

Fax: 264 61 242 278

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